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Area Guide

Nagoya Congess Center

The city's premier international conference facility. Main hall(Century Hall) accommodates over 3,000 people. Has seven stories with large and small conference rooms and exhibition halls.

10 minutes by subway from the hotel

Atsuta Shrine

The Atsuta Shrine is the 2nd largest shrine after Ise Shrine and about 6.5 million people visit here annually

10 minutes by subway from the hotel

Nagoya Castle

Characterize by the gold "shachi" adorning the roof. This castle was built in 1612 by Ieyasu Tokugawa

17 minutes by subway from the hotel

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Dynamic dolphin shows, are held daily in one of the largest pools in the world.

20 minutes by subway from the hotel

Nagoya Port Messe

Nagoya Port Messe is a mega convention complex that boasts a large astylar space totaling 34,000 square meters, with 3 Exhibition Halls, an Event Hall, and an Exchange Center.

35 minutes drive from the hotel

Nagoya Dome

Nagoya Dome is not only a sports facility for baseball and soccer, but also a multi-purpose, multi-functional complex used for a variety of activities such as cultural events and music concerts.

20 minutes by subway from the hotel

Neighboring institutions

■「Urban quar」100% Natural hot spring bath

There is a 100% natural hot spring public baths that draws bubbling
water from depths of 800m.Vat style baths to mist-spray saunas, naturally sourced baths to outdoor baths, there are 11 different
types for you to enjoy.   7 minutes walk from the hotel

■Convenience Store

There are 3 convenience stores within a 3 minute walk

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