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About the Privacy policy

(Personal Information Protection Plan)

Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya has formulated a "Personal Information Protection Plan" as given below, to suitably safeguard personal information.

(Purpose for which the personal information is used)

Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya limits the use of Personal Information to the following purposes

While handling such personal information as submitted to the Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya, the Hotel may hand over such information to a public depository or their business partners in pursuing the above described purposes.
Also in accordance with the Law, if a public institution like the courts or the police request disclosure of such information, this company will hand over the information to the concerned public institution.
The Nagoya B's Hotel reserves the right to make amendments to this policy.
In the event of such amendments, the revised contents will be notified on this website

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About Cookies

Cookies enable us to provide a better browsing experience for visitors when they come back to our site for the second time and they are not an infringement on the users privacy nor are they harmful to the users computer.
Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya collects information that is stored in a cookie when the user visits this site pertaining to viewing actions , trends and patterns.. From this data collected ,Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya (also the Company entrusted with the job of analyzing this data) analyses the access trends and uses it to offer improved services for its user.
Please rest assured that we deal with this information with the same secrecy as when dealing with your personal information.
If a user does not wish to have his information tracked by a cookie, he has the option to disable this service by changing the settings on his internet browser.
Please contact your software manufacturer for more details on changing settings

Guarantee and Limited liability

The use of this site is the sole responsibility of the user.
Hotel Kiyoshi Nagoya is not responsible for any damages arising from using information acquired from other websites that are linked to this website.

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